Veteran NFL sportscaster Mark Oristano teaches non-fans and casual fans (and even dedicated fans) how to better understand what's going on down there on the field.  Using easy to understand diagrams, and language, Mark lets fans know more about offense, defense, special teams and other topics.  You'll learn which three players to watch to know where the ball is going before it gets there (and, no, the quarterback isn't one of them); why kickers wear their shoes two sizes too small; who the coaches are yelling at in those headsets, and more.  Using anecdotes from his career with the Houston Oilers and Dallas Cowboys, Mark brings useful information to fans of all levels.  Mark is the author of A SPORTSCASTER'S GUIDE TO WATCHING FOOTBALL: Decoding America's Favorite Game.  And once he breaks the code for you, you'll be eager for the season to begin.