This is a 1-session (4 hours) coaching workshop that focuses on breaking through barriers using The Needs Based Method®, helping individuals tap into their full potential.

Research suggests that use of coaching methodologies helps to empower and energize individuals and organizations delivering services to youth. In the business sector, such programs have resulted in a decrease in turnover, reduced call-outs, improved performance, and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, the concepts implemented and taught in the workshop can be used effectively with youth resulting in increased resilience, hope, and well-being.

The session focuses on mind mastery and techniques for overcoming the mental barriers by thinking in new and different ways. The Final Step introduces the use of visualization and changing of one’s script to create more positive thinking and positive outcomes, as well as, the use of emotional management techniques to better handle change and continue to focus on intended goals and outcomes. Expo will end with a 90-day wellness challenge.

Here’s a morsel of what happens after the summit:

·   You become aware of your limiting beliefs (and practice releasing them).

·   What are Stressors and how they impact behavior.

·   Understand what is an emotion vs. feelings.

·   Improve how you communicate with others including your family.