Unleash the Champion is designed to teach participants how to create optimal health and peak performance as a lifestyle, not simply a 90 day challenge, or goal. Unleash the Champion examines the crucial link between what you believe about yourself and how that impacts your health, fitness, and physique. Unleash the Champion focuses on: 1.) What you believe, think, speak, and do 2.) Taking absolute control of your emotional life through: I Can, I Am, and I Do 3.) Empowering my participants to develop their own personal fitness programming, simply, safely, and efficiently to enhance their life personally, and their career. 4.) I teach how Real People need Real food, how to develop incredible strength, lose fat, and gain overwhelming confidence. Unleash the Champion leaves participants with the tools necessary to immediately begin the momentum required to transform their health for a lifetime. American tends to practice "sick-care." Unleash the Champion teaches how to develop self-care as the foundation to developing personal responsibility in healthcare.