The axiom in today's society is "change." If you want to change your actions, and affect a different outcome in your life, career, or relationships you need to change how you think. Well, how do you change the way you think? This is why I created the 5C's. The 5C's is a blueprint or specifically a process of how to capitalize on an individuals unlimited potential. Actions leave clues. The 5C's transform actions through a system of C's: 1.) Conviction is an overwhelming belief in someone or something. Conviction then is the foundation to forge how you think, about yourself, and you're situation. 2.) Commitment is the catalyst to action. Commitment must be anchored to conviction or else commitment simply runs out of fuel and crashes. 3.) Consistency is the daily application of commitment. This is where habits of success are sown, and nurtured. 4.) Confidence is a powerful outcome of consistency. When we consistently apply the habits necessary to succeed in any endeavor, we become extremely confident. 5.) Courage is what we reap when we have success. True success breeds the desire and passion to build more success. Courage is an attitude before an action, and is how we live "next level" daily. The 5C's is a guide to find your weaknesses, and use your strengths to transform any area of your life, from business to creating optimal health and fitness. The 5C's can be a Keynote speech, lunch and learn, or a workshop breaking down each C, and working to develop each individual in an organization.