A Path to Unstoppable YOU is a 12 step group coaching program, based on the bestselling book "Choreography of Awakening".

The Program can range from 3 days do 12 days, and is approximately 24 hours long.
It can be modified into a keynote and an inspirational talk, or it can easily become a workshop or training program.

The 12 steps explored are:

1. Answering the Call: finding your WHY
2. On the Wings of Inspiration: How to stay inspired
3. Just Imagine: What if....
4. "How Did You Do It?" "I wanted it!": The Power of Want
5. The Magic of Decision: Decide!!!
6. I Know I Can! : Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
7. Flashlight in the Darkness: Become Aware of Your Mind
8. It's in the Attitude! : Well... it is!
9. Resist not Fear: Tap into a Great Energy of Fear and Make it your Friend!
10. Enter the Zone: Focus!
11. Transformation Happens: Embrace change
12. Stepping Into the Vision: The Life You've Always Dreamed of!

The program is perfectly suited for an everyday activity for people interested in personal growth and development.

Imagine boarding the ship not knowing where your life is going, what to do, who am I... not having a clear sense on direction, and having issues with confidence and self-worth, but getting off the ship feeling inspired, empowered, confident and having an idea and plan on how to create a better life from now on. Wow! What a vacation this could be!