This presentation is a no-fluff straight forward strategy that teaches the participants that having a vision is not enough to lead. You have to infuse your vision with Massive Action. The Psychology of New Leadership is based solely on the model that the new leaders have to be more effective with cooperative methods not archaic competitive ones. This presentation teaches new leaders how to organically grow a  deep sense of personally responsibility for   their part in that groups collective success then teaching them how to spread it throughout their organization, community and the world.

Provide 3-5 keywords describing the session: Leadership Dynamic, Servant Leadership, and Accountability Leadership

Provide a detailed presentation outline. (500 words max)

Students will learn:

* To get their members to get things done without asking them.

* To listen before they Lecture, then generate massive action in your organization.

* Teach their team how to cause instant change and motivate themselves and others.

* To invest in personal development to maximize personal achievement.

* How to instantly create a culture of cooperation, not competition to your team by building a leadership model that works for you.

List 3-4 learning outcomes for the presentation.

1. Instant connection to your team

2. Overcome objections on your team

3. Increase participation for team activities.

4. Creating a Leadership Pledge.