Invest an Hour of Time and Save Days of Frustration by learning innovative  tips and tricks for tablets and smart phones.
Learn Tips and Tricks that you can use right away, and can take home and show your family and friends!

Have you wondered why or how you can use an the new tablets and smart phones to improve your life? This workshop will explain in layman's terms how the latest Apple or Android devices will change your life.

You will leave the workshop wondering how you got along without these simple and common sense approaches to using your modern technology.

This workshop is perfect for beginners and experts of all ages.

Greg is a technology expert that has a knack for helping get people excited about using technology and modern tools. He is the founder of More Than Just Guides, the author of their flagship book More Than Just Pictures and actively works to help simplify technology for everyone.

More Than Just Guides teaches people how everyday technology can be used to improve and simplify modern lives by getting people excited about technology. This is accomplished by teaching simple, creative and common sense ways to complete everyday tasks easier with modern tools and technology. Learn more at