Wouldn't it be nice if you could remember the name of that person you just met?  Have you ever set your keys down and can't remember where you put them?  Do you worry about getting Alzheimers because you don't remember things?

Using the Farrow Memory System (created by Dave Farrow, who memorized 59 decks of cards to set his second Guinness world record), I can show you how to improve your memory in many different areas.  For instance in just 20 minutes you will be able to remember a list of 20 random objects which is at least three times what the average person can do without the training.  You will also learn ways to remember names and where you put your keys/glasses/drink.

We are actually losing our ability to remember because technology does it for us.  The problem though is that the brain, just as any muscle, is subject to the rule "use it or lose it".  Memory work is also good for keeping the brain active which can stave off Alzheimers or other dementia.