"Thanks for the inspiration and the hope that you've instilled into me. You and Marquess both have shown me that all it takes is hardwork, will and confidence in yourself to acheive your greatest dreams."
- Billy Kinsey
Seminar Attendee

Clay has spoken around the country on the following subjects:

*Time Management 101: Achieve Your Goals Now
*Public Speaking 101: The Art of Presenting
*Goal Setting: Conceive, Believe & Achieve
*Life Balance: The Lifetime Balancing Act
*The Secrets To Web-Optimization
*Exponentially Growing Your Business Using Social Media
*Use the Internet to Virally Market Your Business
*Leadership In the Workplace
*Starting A Successful Business For A $1,000.00 or Less
*Managing To Win
*Success Is A Choice
*Turning Your Passion Into Profits
*PR 101: The Keys To Celebrity Marketing
*Mastermind Networking: Carnegie's Secrets To Success
*Growing Your Business Effectively: John Maxwell's Law of the Lid
*Lean Six Sigma: The Art of the Workflow
*Sales 101: Skills Pay the Bills
*Success: Health, Wealth & True Prosperity