“I'm leaving with tools I can use immediately, plus the means to explore possibilities and an awareness of what other people are attempting.”


Major publishers receive over thousands of unsolicited manuscripts each year. They publish a mere 2% and in the process dash the hopes of thousands of would-be authors. Fed up with agent and publisher rejections, new and established authors are creating e-books and selling them on Amazon.com and through hundreds of online e-book distributors. They keep most, if not all, of the profits and enjoy the Internet's global reach and sales potential.


E-book stands for electronic book, a downloadable file read or printed off compatible electronic devices such as computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), tablets, mobile phones or e-book specific readers such as the Sony Reader and bestselling Kindle from Amazon.com. This practical workshop provides tips on writing, formatting and publishing your work in a secure e-book format. Learn how you can create a simple website for free which features your book and takes orders. Discover how you can distribute your e-book through your own site as well as hundreds of online distributors. You will also learn practical tips on marketing your site with a primary focus on what you do best – writing.