Imagine a world where everybody is 100% accountable for their lives and there is no blame, finger pointing, excuses, procrastination, acting confused, playing helpless or doing just enough to get by.


What a wonderful, abundant world it would be!

Accountability means more than just ‘doing life’, it’s an obligation to make things better, to pursue excellence and create ways that further your desires, purpose and happiness.

In Madisen’s most popular and life changing keynote you will learn:

-          To practice and teach this characteristic that so few embrace – it’s all about being courageously accountable – a leap that will change your life

-          How to rise above circumstances, including your roles, job description or fears, and do whatever it takes to make a positive difference to you, your family and friends and the world around you

-          Why 100% of organizations and employees fail to demonstrate this winning behavior and how you can use this to your business advantage

-          To be proactive and recognize issues and solve them in responsible, intelligent ways. It doesn't matter where the challenge comes from. It might be yours or it might be inherited. The crucial question is, "What am I going to do about it?"

-          To manage your fear of responsibility and move up the accountability ladder.

Adopt the Behavior that Changes Lives and the World