Laughter Yoga is a breakthrough laughter delivery system that can enable a person to laugh continuously for 15 to 20 minutes with short breaks of yogic breathing (Pranayama). It does not rely on jokes, humor or comedy.

The effective blend of laughter and yogic breathing allows for multiple health benefits, primarily increasing the supply of oxygen and boosting the immune system. It energizes and recharges the metabolism making one feel fresh and energetic.

In this fun session we initiate laughter as a form of exercise, and as the session progresses, the laughter becomes real and contagious.

This session is recommended for all age groups.  You will learn:

How laughter yoga can:

-   decrease your anxiety and stress

-   improve your digestion

-     improve your mental and physical health

-     improve your relationships

     How you can easily and  effectively integrate laughter your into your daily routine