Imagine what would it be like to live the life of your dreams?   You wake up every morning, jump out of bed with excitement about the day ahead! You are passionate about what you do and who you hang out with, you love your lifestyle, have great health, wealth and well being.  

Moira will teach you how you can begin to discover the keys to unlocking your infinite passion and live your dream life!  

Tamara Broder from the YWCA in Toronto says, "Moira uses her knowledge, warmth and laughter and connects with her audience by creating an inviting and safe atmosphere to share and grow." 

Wendy Schie, Director, Academy of Learning says, "Moira is a dynamic speaker who has the ability to captivate, hold and motivate her audience.  She interacts well with the audience, encouraging them to question and participate."

"Her presentations are energetic, fun, inspirational and empowering!"