This thought provoking discussion questions paradigms by evaluating them against the perfect success trifecta of beliefs, values and emotions. Clients employing these concepts have reported phenomenal increases in profitability, accountability and happiness both in personal and work situations. 

Myth #1 – Everything is Black or White, Right or Wrong

  • Why thinking in black or white terms robs you of a joyful life
  • Everyone is looking for ‘the right answer’ – but there’s not one answer, despite what your boss, parents, friends or partner may tell you
  • Discover how to respond to “my way or the highway” situations
  • Understand that you have to stop jumping through hoops in order to develop your opinion and voice

Myth #2 – Our Lives are Influenced by Circumstances beyond Our Control

  • “But you don’t understand, I didn’t have a choice.” - why this belief is stripping your freedom
  • Recognize the Value of Values and the Benefits of Beliefs and take your position back in the driver’s seat

Myth#3 – There’s No Place for Emotions in Decision Making

  • Harness your emotional power to excel in business, discover your purpose and create a happier and more fulfilling life
  • Learn to develop your ‘emotional guidance system’ to steer confidently through life
  • Hear how executives and company owners turned their business around by changing just one thing

 PLUS – Learn the #1 Behavior You Can Adopt Right Now to
Catapult Your Personal, Career and Business Succes

  • Stand out by doing and teaching this characteristic that so few embrace – it’s all about being 100% courageously accountable – a leap that will change your life