Social media has taken the world by storm and Twitter is ahead of the pack. Today everyone wants to stay connected. Learn how to understand and navigate this new social phenomenon!


Athletes are doing it, politicians are doing it, CEO's are doing it...are you?  

Whether it's Twittering during halftime in an NBA game or during a State of the Union address, people are beginning to use Twitter as a means of instant communication with those who want to hear what they have to say. No more sending out an email and hoping your message makes it past the spam filters. Now you can send out a Tweet and have it instantly available to all who are following you - even on their cell phones! 

However, just because you can use it - should you? Is it all for personal use, or is there real business uses for Twitter? Can it really be used to drive traffic to your site, subscribers to your newsletter or sales for your business? Will the time spent twittering get you the best return on your time investment? 

Should you consider adopting Twitter as part of a Social Media Strategy for your business? 

Are you interested in what twitter can do for your business, but are confused by what exactly Twitter is and what it can do? Then you've come to the right place! 


From Facebook, Linkin and of Twitter you will learn:


How they can work together

What is the purpose of each platform

How to connect with others all over the world

How to avoid social media suicide

How to use them for business and personal

Practical ways to increase your followers

and much more!