Although I show many snazzy things you can do to destination photos with a computer, this is neither a computer class nor a photo class.  It is a unique lecture series I created for the large number of cruise ship passengers who take a lot of photos with their shiny new digital camera -- and then don't know what to do with them.  I call this enrichment lecture program "Create Digital Destination Albums," and it was an instant hit.  As time goes on, it draws even more interest from both novice and sophisticated computer users.  Here are some comments from "students" who attended my lectures on a cruise in May, 2009:


"The cost of the cruise was worth it for your classes alone."

"Debby, although I am in the teaching profession and know when a class goes well, I hope that even a great teacher like you will be positively impacted when someone takes the time to formally say thank you. Your use of cruise images and your delivery were outstanding."

"I've created a PPT with some of the pictures I took during the cruise and they are great, thanks to your class!"

"You show the best PowerPoint I've ever seen -- and I used to teach PowerPoint!"

"With humor, visual reinforcement and patience, Debby Gilden's computer class was one of the best I've taken.  She simplified information so that even the novice could learn."



 “Create Digital Destination Albums!” is based on a little-known application that resides within Microsoft PowerPoint.  During my first lecture I demonstrate how to use it to create a basic album from a large number of photos -- in seconds!  I then show how to simultaneously add different frames or shadows to all the photos in the album, change the shapes of all the photos (e.g. from rectangular to oval), how to put multiple photos on every slide, etc.  My lectures then wow the audience with ways of unleashing one's creativity to add pizzazz to the album.  My presentations are customized to use photos of the destinations in my examples.  They are also totally flexible for length.  I have given this as a series of three, five, and seven lectures.


The information that I provide is instantly useful and very different from anything offered to passengers by either the on-board photographic or computer departments.  In addition, I always offer to help students with individual needs.  With more and more passengers bringing their laptop computers on-board, this is becoming more popular -- and appreciated.  None of my material is cast in stone, and Ioften modify my lectures to address the issues brought up in class.  I know my subject matter in great depth, and it is easy for me to make changes “on the fly” to address the needs of my audience.  In addition, my presentations are quite lively and each one includes humor and entertainment.