Cruising is a great way to combine family and fun.  Make your cruise a source of information about the differnt generations cruising together.  Obtain a list of interview questions so family members can add information to your Family Tree Chart.  Find out how to plan a family cruise for genealogy research.  (This can be coordinated with the Future Cruise staff.)  The attendees will be given a list of themes for family reunions and instructions on how to plan for the future.  They will also work on a Family Tree chart.

This program is destination based depending on itinerary:
           Europe- Researching your origins in all of the European countries.
           Canada/New England- Coming to North America from Europe and the Native
                     populations of the US and Canada
           Caribbean- Researching origins from Africa, Spain, Italy and the Native        
                     populations living on the islands
            Mexico- Researching their origins from Spain, France, Italy and the Native
            Hawaii- Researching the genealogy of the Native Hawaiian population.
            Australia/New Zealand- Learn of the migration from England and other         
                     countries to "down under".  Researching the Native tribes of
                     Australia and New Zealand