After being given the Relationship Chart, each person will be taught how to determine how he or she is related to another person in their genealogical path.  Is my relative once or three times removed?  Are you my fifth cousin or my fifth cousin once removed.  Genealogy starts with one person-YOU, but extends to many generations.  Each person will also learn more about the study of family trees and how to create a life search from a hobby.

This program is destination based depending on itinerary:
           Europe- Researching your origins in all of the European countries.
           Canada/New England- Coming to North America from Europe and the Native
                     populations of the US and Canada
           Caribbean- Researching origins from Africa, Spain, Italy and the Native        
                     populations living on the islands
            Mexico- Researching their origins from Spain, France, Italy and the Native
            Hawaii- Researching the genealogy of the Native Hawaiian population.
            Australia/New Zealand- Learn of the migration from England and other         
                     countries to "down under".  Researching the Native tribes of
                     Australia and New Zealand