This is an introduction to the research of your Family Tree.  The audience will embark on a journey into the unknown world of who you are and where you came from.  Some will find heroes and villains in their families, but most will meet just regular folks from long ago.  Learn how to start filling out the forms that create a Pedigree chart.  Each person will be given a blank Family Tree chart to start using.  This program is built upon several classes that add to the information gained from the classes before, but the classes can stand alone as well.

This program is destination based depending on itinerary:
           Europe- Researching your origins in all of the European countries.
           Canada/New England- Coming to North America from Europe and the Native
                     populations of the US and Canada
           Caribbean- Researching origins from Africa, Spain, Italy and the Native        
                     populations living on the islands
            Mexico- Researching their origins from Spain, France, Italy and the Native
            Hawaii- Researching the genealogy of the Native Hawaiian population.
            Australia/New Zealand- Learn of the migration from England and other         
                     countries to "down under".  Researching the Native tribes of
                     Australia and New Zealand