Dr Mike Drayton is a Consultant Psychologist, as devastatingly well – informed, as he is entertaining. He now works in the private sector, having been employed at a senior level in the British National Health Service  for many years.  Mike is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. He is also  an honorary lecturer and clinical tutor at Birmingham University. 

Mike has much experience of talking about psychology related topics to different audiences, both expert and non-expert. He has worked on a number of BBC programmes such as ‘Horizon” and ‘Fat Nation’.  In May 2009, Mike was invited to present a  two day seminar on emotional intelligence in Warsaw, Poland. 

Mike says, "For me, the  secret of excellent lectures and talks  is engaging with the audience in a warm and positive manner and at all costs avoiding  dry lists of facts. My aim is to communicate the topic in a way that people can relate to their day to day life. I've just returned from speaking on the Independence of the Seas, on a Mediterranean cruise. Take a look at the video of one of my lectures".