About Lee Martin


Lee Martin is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the author of the new book: Freeing Oneself; Breaking Through Your Barriers to Find Balance and Happiness. He has inspired many clients over the last 15 years to connect with their own source of happiness and learn powerful techniques to stay focused on getting exactly what they want out of life.


Through a wide variety of experience in the behavioral health field Lee has studied what truly makes people happy in the face of much diversity. He began working with individuals suffering from severe mental illness, addictions and homelessness in 1992 at a half-way house.  Lee lead Tulsa’s mobile response team, working closely with law enforcement to provide training to officers and intervention to those suffering with addictions and psychiatric distress.


Lee has been featured on several news stations giving commentary on subjects such as stress reduction, holiday depression, bullying, suicide by cop, and the benefits of early intervention for those refusing treatment.


In 2003, Lee began working for a global pharmaceutical company in sales. Through this experience, Lee began an interest in life coaching.  Lee understands first-hand the unique experience of finding happiness and balance while trying to perform in a competitive corporate environment.


After leaving the world of corporate sales in 2008 Lee started his Life Coaching business. He now uses his expertise in helping a wide variety of people balance their lives and deal with their daily stressors.  He is a motivational speaker, life coach, stress management consultant, and interventionist. His unique perspective has helped hundreds of people overcome their own barriers to finding happiness and fulfillment in life’s many challenges. 


Lee lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his wife and three daughters.