My enrichment seminars are a blend of how-to knowledge and entertainment.

As a professional comedian, all of my presentations come alive with energy, humor, audience participation, and (fill in the blank to make me look better). In addition to comedy clubs, I do corporate events and charity fund raisers, college shows, and even a church event from time to time.

In 2009, I have found that passengers are in LOVE with the IMPROV and STANDUP comedy presentations. As of June of 2009 I had done six cruises for a single cruise line. Good results make me a sure-fire offering for any activities director.

 You can see a short article done on me by Killer Stand Up Comedy along with a 90 second clip.

I was a winner at the 2009 Branson Comedy Festival,  the 2007 Carolina Comedy Festival, and the 2006 California Comedy Conference. (2008 was a bad year). I have done presentations in front of crowds as large as 3,000! 


Cruising in fun! Comedy is fun! So why shouldn't your enrichment events be fun as well?