Biography of Clay Clark:

Clay Clark is a nationally recognized business thought leader, serial entrepreneur, consultant and dynamic motivational speaker. Having been named as the United States Small Business Administration's "Entrepreneur of the Year" at age 26, and the "Young Entrepreneur of Year" at age 20 Clay Clark's story & journey from poverty to prosperity has inspired audiences across the country.

Clay's life has been featured in the New York Times and the Washington Post. Since the age of 18 he has successfully founded: one of America's largest mobile entertainment service, a national photography franchise, Oklahoma's largest professional videography service, one of the Midwest's most successful commercial real estate companies and the Make Your Life Epic Success Institute.

Clay now travels throughout the country speaking and entertaining audiences both large and small and consulting with Fortune 500 businesses including Valspar Paint, Farmers Insurance, IBM, QuikTrip and others...His current "passion projects" include: empowering entrepreneurs, finishing his book, "From the Dorm Room to the Board Room" motivating youth, and training business professionals.


    * United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year
    * U.S. Chamber Blue Ribbon National Quality Award Winner
    * Metro Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year
    * Featured In the New York Times
    * Featured In A Washington Post Editorial By Jeff Jarvis
    * Award-Winning MC / Host of 1,500 + Events For Companies Including (Bama Companies, QuikTrip, American Airlines, countless High Schools, Colleges etc...)
    * Founder of DJ Connection
    * Founder of Thompson Photography
    * Founder of Cherished Traditions Videography
    * Founder of the Tulsa Bridal Association

Clay has spoken around the country on the following subjects:

*Time Management 101: Achieve Your Goals Now
*Public Speaking 101: The Art of Presenting
*Goal Setting: Conceive, Believe & Achieve
*Life Balance: The Lifetime Balancing Act
*The Secrets To Web-Optimization
*Exponentially Growing Your Business Using Social Media
*Use the Internet to Virally Market Your Business
*Leadership In the Workplace
*Starting A Successful Business For A $1,000.00 or Less
*Managing To Win
*Success Is A Choice
*Turning Your Passion Into Profits
*PR 101: The Keys To Celebrity Marketing
*Mastermind Networking: Carnegie's Secrets To Success
*Growing Your Business Effectively: John Maxwell's Law of the Lid
*Lean Six Sigma: The Art of the Workflow
*Sales 101: Skills Pay the Bills
*Success 101: Health, Wealth & True Prosperity

Here is a link to workshop he recently conducted last week in Ft. Worth. I think this video does a good job of showcasing his optimistic, humorous and motivational approach to business and life. – This presentation was given in Dallas, TX to a group of IRS agents / government auditors (the fun people). – This presentation was given in Dallas, TX to a group of IRS agents / government auditors (the fun people).
– This presentation was given on a college campus in workshop / lecture format for college students. – This presentation was given for High School / Middle School students as part of a city-wide “Entrepreneur Day.” – This presentation was given at a professional “Chamber of Commerce” sponsored “Web-Optimization” Workshop

Additional Testimonials From Some Of Clay Clark’s speaking events:

“I highly recommend Mr. Clay Clark for his speaking and entertainment services.  Clay was the guest speaker at our Student Council District Convention in April, 2009 and he was very professional and captivating to the audience.  We had 700+ Middle & High school students and 72 teachers in attendance at our convention and Mr. Clark kept these kids and adults entertained the entire time.  He not only gave a wonderful speech but he also announced our Talent Show at our convention. We had 13 schools participating in the talent show and Clay did an awesome job in announcing the acts and getting the audience involved in the show.  Clay has a wonderful sense of humor and kept the kids laughing and made our convention a true success.  After the convention, I had so many teachers come up to me and say how much they enjoyed the speech and what a wonderful job Clay did in keeping the kids on track and focused during the course of the day with his quick wit and sense of humor. Clay came a little early and stayed a little afterwards and was able to visit and connect with the kids and other teachers on a personal basis to get a feel for his audience.  Thanks again for making our convention the success that it was!

-Rebecca White: Sponsor of Student Council, LaGrange High School
337-477-4571 (School phone) email address

"Thanks for the inspiration and the hope that you've instilled into me. You and Marquess both have shown me that all it takes is hardwork, will and confidence in yourself to acheive your greatest dreams."
- Billy Kinsey
Seminar Attendee

“Clay & Cody, thanks so much for your help! We're already working on putting the (optimization and efficiency) action steps in place and hopefully I can let you know how it is working out before I leave again. You guys are the best! Thanks again! “

- Shannon Farmer: South African Outreach Initiative

“Clay’s training has made a HUGE IMPACT on my sales team. From cold calling, to closing the deal now. His workshop DELIVERS.”

- John Toole: Farmers Insurance Regional Office

“No one has ever been so free with information and suggestions as you were...Most folks, like I probably would be, would save that for the paying customers. You gave more good information then I might have ever recieved (from reading other books and attending numerous other seminars).”

Chad Hackmann, Owner/Operator


"Inspiring, funny & brilliant! Clay, thank you so much for the brilliant presentations you made to our students in the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University. You motivated, entertained and educated us! We truly appreciate your time and hope to see you again in the near future."

- Professor Jeretta Nord: Oklahoma State University: Spears Business School:
- 405-744-5064

“Clay, I can't thank you enough for your time yesterday. Dave and I both said that we felt like we had gone to school after meeting with you (we learned alot). I can confidently say that I have never met a better salesperson than you - you have an unreal ability to articulate yourself, and to teach others. I really can't thank you enough. I also realized when we left that I didn't even pay for your lunch - I owe you that and much more.”

- Joseph O.
Commercial Real Estate Consultant

"I own Facchianos Bridal and Formal attire and have had to pay thousands of dollars in the past to have websites that were sub par and not what I needed for my business until Clay taught me how to do it myself. Now my company website comes up on the search engines in the first three searches.
It has changed my business overnight on how many times our phone rings. It can change the life of your business to be in control of your website."

Jennifer Thompson
Owner/Bridal Stylist
Facchianos Bridal and Formal Attire

“The overall feedback was excellent. The students all rated the event very highly, and some asked to have you back again. Some of the things that stuck with students the most were: working with a sense of urgency, accepting failure, reaching for goals, and working to learn. I thought that the event went really well. I think from our standpoint it would have been better to plan it on a Friday so that more students could attend. The students who participated (I think) benefited from it. You were funny, and very engaging for the students...Overall, I was very happy with the presentation, and I'm glad we had the opportunity to work together.”

James Jesse
Coordinator of Special Projects at Tarrant County College
Tarrant County Community College College

“It is indeed a privilege to recommend Clay Clark to you.  Having been in the classroom for over 22 years, I have had the opportunity to observe a variety speakers and others working with my students. None have had the charisma or the ability to capture an audience and engage them as Clay has done. I never miss a chance to have him in my classroom.

He inspires students to be entrepreneurs and challenges them in several areas and to think about their futures.  My students always look forward to Clay’s visits.

It is difficult to find words to properly describe Clay.  He is unique individual.  He is inspiring and entertaining.  He is a giver.  It has been my experience, once you meet him, you feel like he is your friend.  He has qualities that are rarely seen.

Even though Clay’s accomplishments speak for themselves, I can honestly say—he is amazing, I have watched him work with some of my most ‘challenging’ students that were otherwise non functioning in the classroom and motivate them.  He can also relate to the more intelligent as well.  Perhaps it is because he is very well read and resourceful that gives him the ability to read his audiences and relate to them.  He has experienced success but has also experienced struggles to success—which seems to aid his ability to identify with and engage any audience.

Because of his business experience, insight and ability to work with young people, we have asked Clay to be part of our Advisory Committee for our Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America youth organization at school.  Even though he has an extremely full schedule, he has graciously served on this committee for approximately the last 4 years.

Clay’s initiative and level of commitment sets him apart from others.  He gives more than 100% to whatever he does.  I recommend Clay to you with absolute confidence that you will not be disappointed.  Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance.”


      Kathy Farquhar, Instructor
      Adult & Family Living
      FCCLA Advisor
      Broken Arrow Senior High School

"10! 10! 10! Clay’s presentations were very professional and, yet, humorous.
Clay held everyone’s attention during both sessions he gave.
The time for his sessions seemed to fly by! The information was new and informative to me. I liked the tips Clay pointed out for recognizing opportunities for advancement."

Stacie T. Last
Advanced Audit Techniques Specialist
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

“It was definitely great to have Clay come in and share his failures and successes with the group.
I wish they would have given him a little more time, but what I heard was great, the fact that he did not try to hide the importance of family life to make things work in the material realm was a breath of fresh air ( I applaud him).
I have regained a new prospective on sales and basic approach to life!

Peter Teixeira
Territory Manager
Valspar Paint – House of Color
West Orange, New Jersey

“We had a lot of compliments about you. In fact one very sweet high school girl sent a thank-you note about you, that when I get a copy of it I will forward it to you. Hope you know that I appreciate you helping me out this year, and I feel you made a great impact. Thanks a million, Clay!!!”
Deb Ward
RCIDA  Project Coordinator

“Clay, we have been hearing rave reviews from our guests about you! Thank you for working with us. Everyone loved you.”
Rhonda Anderson
Personal Assistant To The President
ABC Table Top Advertising
(800) 825-4222

"Great flexibility substituting for another speaker. Good job. The "winning @ work" got highest marks from 44 of 56 survey respondents."

John E. Trubey
Senior Analyst
U.S. Government Accountability Office
1999 Bryan Street
Suite 2200
Dallas, Texas 75201
(214) 777-5733

“It was a pleasure meeting you as well. I really appreciate all the information you provided and I really enjoyed your workshop, I got a lot of great notes and very helpful advice...your seminare really empowerd me! Thank you so much for all the helpful information you have provided! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and stay blessed!”
Elizabeth Tirado

"I am a Vocational Business Educator at Sequoyah High School in Claremore, OK.
We have have worked with Clay Clark for several years.  He has spoken to our Business
Professionals of America Organization several times.  The students are so impressed
with his knowledge of business and his motivation for success!  He is inspiring
to young students...When in need of a dynamic motivational speaker you
should consider Clay Clark!" your choice.”

- April Blackwell: Sequoyah High School

“DJ Clay (DJ CONNECTION) is by far the best entertainer we have ever used for “Project Graduation.” He keeps it PG rated & is very up to date with today’s young people. He is awesome!”

-Vickie (Coppell, TX HS Project Graduation Committee)

“Jennifer and I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for providing such a tremendous service at our wedding. I don’t believe we would have known which way to turn if your weren’t there always leading us in the right direction. You certainly kept the event on track, as we were told, provided stellar entertainment for all of our guests. I hear there is an unofficial “bragging rights” competition amongst the employees of DJ Connection...Thanks again for the exceptional service.”

- Lee W. Watkins III
    Marketing Director of Enrollment Services of America

“I wanted to tell you that you did an awesome job yesterday.  I love seeing people hang around after events, such as your workshop, discussing what was just learned and of the ideas they have. I know you have made a difference to those of us that were able to attend (especially for Krista).  I hope you will continue your relationship with our SIFE team for years to come.  We will be sending you a copy of what we were able to video tape and a copy of the photos taken throughout the workshop and the luncheon.  I look forward to conversing with you in the future.  Feel free to pass on any ideas you may have for us or for me personally at any time.  I would love to keep you as a mentor, as you know we could all use one. Thank You!”
Terri Dubay
Rogers State University SIFE “Entrepreneurship Day” Organizer