Madisen Harper believes life is meant to be fun and easy. For over 10 years she has motivated individuals and groups to get back to basics and create prosperous lives in the areas of self, health and wealth. 

Her clients say she is an inspirational role model, with her positive attitude, entertaining sense of humor and ‘escape the tribe’ mentality. Her enrichment programs are interactive, entertaining, practical and inquiring. It’s this questioning content that differentiates Madisen’s programs, “I don’t believe in spouting my ideas. Instead I ask questions because each person’s answer is unique to them. Sure, I provide guidance and share my views, but rarely the solution, because there is no one solution, as what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next.” 

Madisen enjoys waking up when she’s finished sleeping, making decisions based on her values and creating experiences that take her breath away. She is an avid traveler, reader, writer, diner and shopper. She is happiest when she is near the ocean, enjoying quality relationships and immersed in her passion of mentoring others to create their life by desire.

Her new book, Wake Up…Live the Life You Love – Living in the Now, due late 2009, was co-authored with success expert Brian Tracy, Millionaire Mentor Gregory Scott Reid and The Secret’s’ business mentor John Assaraf and spiritual leader Michael Beckwith. 

Her inspirational and fresh ideas have been quoted worldwide on hundreds of websites and in mainstream media, including: The Sunday Mail, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Woman's Day, LA Times, A Current Affair, The Courier Mail and Dallas Times.