Adrian Mikeliunas, CISSP, CISA, PCI-QSA, and Bronze ToastMaster, is an internationally acclaimed speaker, computer consultant, and trainer. He’s been helping organizations achieve results and become more productive while reducing costs, with the proper use of technology for more than 25 years.

Having a solid education both in Spanish and French from Le Lycée Français of Montevideo, Uruguay, and after careful analysis of the computer field, Adrian decided to focus both on computers and their business applications when he arrived in New York in 1979.  In 1988 he moved with his family to Fairfax county in Northern Virginia.

He’s currently a member of the AT&T consulting team, with over 25 years in the Information Technology field and more than 10 years in Information Security and Auditing.  Focus areas include U.S. Government Certification and Accreditation; International Finance Security Policy and Security Operations. He performs enterprise-wide security assessments, focusing on security organization, strategic planning, risk analysis, access control, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, incident response planning, data classification, physical security, awareness and training. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.




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