Consider Etiquette Founder Holly K. Rauser has been described as a “magnetic and enthusiastic presenter.” Holly empowers and elevates her audiences to new levels of personal and professional success through the knowledge and practice of etiquette. A former San Jose State University Public Speaking Instructor Holly continues to teach presentation skills and business etiquette.


During her reign as the 1983 National Queen for the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, Holly became acutely aware of the social rules mandated by our society. Knowledge of these rules, in essence, “proper etiquette for the appropriate situation” was of utmost importance when interacting with dignitaries and the press.


Holly is a dog lover and advocate. Holly’s work with therapy dogs for the elderly began when she attended University of Texas at Austin. The Women of the Iditarod and Alaskan “Dog Tails” are a sample of Holly’s presentations.

What are people saying about Holly’s presentations?


Feedback from the Celebrity Mercury--


Holly Rauser – Destination and Motivational Speaker – Her entire program was very well constructed making the transition (over the four sessions) from the itinerary specific information to more ample cultural and social topics effortlessly. As a “secondary” lecturer she did a fantastic job compensating the content of her lectures with a terrific presentation style.



--Steve Millslagle
Specialist, Guest Activities & Enrichment


"Wow Holly! I was really impressed with the high level of professionalism in your etiquette lecture. You were really entertaining… and also informative. I learned a lot about meal manners. Seal the deal at your next meal!


I think you should have your own etiquette TV show on Lifetime or the Food Channel. You’d be a hit.”

–Martin Cheek, Coauthor of Clean Energy Nation. Freeing America from the Tyranny of Fossil Fuels


”Holly is such a great speaker. She is truly passionate about her work. I walked away with great information I will be using. Holly had great spunk and great energy”


-Erik Knorr, Sr. Network Administrator at Chieftain Harvesting