Andrew is an international corporate executive with a high reputation for leading change in a multi-cultural environment. Following graduation (in Business Administration) he worked in the international travel industry followed by 20 years in the auto clubs, including Chief Executive, coordinating the activities of the clubs in 38 European markets (the European equivalent to the AAA of North America). He now shares his observations on cultural diversity as a Keynote Speaker, Executive Mentor and Strategic Consultant. He is an amusing and engaging speaker.   


Sample Lecture Topics - General & Enrichment

Divided by a Common Language - Making sense of the differences in the use of language and a look at the cultural pitfalls to be avoided when travelling!

 The Grand Tour – The changing face of travel; from the grand tour of the 19th century to luxury cruising today.  

 In the Wake of Columbus - How the World was changed by the discoveries of Christopher Columbus and the effects on his sponsors in Europe.

 The Green Ticket - tourism’s positive contribution to the environment. A look at the economic and social benefits of well managed tourism

 Under Latin Skies – the joys and frustrations of life in the Spanish speaking world.  Andrew Johnson is author of the book “Under Latin Skies”.

 The Gaelic/Celtic Connection – a look at the ethnic influence in Europe and beyond.

The Explorers - From Marco Polo through Captain Cook and the Chinese themselves. A look at the adventurers.

Not to be missed – A look at just a few of the many weird and wonderful festivals celebrated around the world.

Rights of Passage – how did passports, visas, letters of credit and the like come to be essential tools for the traveller.

The Explorers – Marco Polo, Captain Cook, Christopher Columbus, Vasco deGama & more. How has the world changed with their discoveries?

Andrew is the Principal of The Strategic Option, a consultancy that delivers change, cultural understanding and both executive and individual transformation.

Andrew is the author of “Under Latin Skies” the tale of the couple’s first foray into life in a Latin culture. He explains the joys and frustrations of moving from the chilly north to the sun drenched arid sierras, where their newly acquired Spanish was tested at every turn – living under Latin skies. A sample of the book can be read at

Andrew is a

v  Master Practitioner in NLP (trained with NLP creator Dr Richard Bandler, TV life guru Paul McKenna - and John LaValle and Michael Neill – 2 of the most respected leaders in the field) and a

v  Practitioner in TFT – a “Meridian Therapy” technique developed by Dr Roger Callahan.