Gregory A. Spencer is an internationally recognized author, speaker, financial literacy educator, and relationship & communications coach. 


As President of, Greg's firm also specializes in providing unbiased financial literacy education workshops to individuals, families, college students, and companies.


As a seasoned travel agent, Greg has combined his experiences in global travel to advise and equip others through his fun, informative, and interactive workshops on various topics of interest to any audience.


Greg leads workshops and has authored the following 4 books:


-  How To Bridge & Close the Credibility Gap.  This communications tool helps to repair broken relationships while influencing others.


-  Discover Your Inner Strength.  Co-authored with New York Times and multi-million best selling authors, Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy.  This book focuses on helping readers understand who they are and how they can survive, thrive and succeed in the midst of severe change. 


-  Invest In Your Debt.  The concepts of this 200 page book have been taught in companies and universities around the country.  It focuses on how to eliminate all of your personal and business debt within 3-8 years "without" harming your credit or needing to get a second job.


Spend Smart.  Like diets, in the long run, budgets don't work.  Lessons learned in this book teaches you how to simply be a smart and savvy spender.


As a Certified Marriage Coach, Gregory is able to counsel clients on simple ways to eliminate their debt while saving their relationships.


Greg holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Relations & Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco.


What are clients saying?


"Greg was able to help me understand how to best manage and direct my biggest issue when it came to understanding how to get out of all of my debt in 3 years.  That issue was my attitude about money and broken relationships that got me into debt."  J. Davis - Sales V.P.


"I was under the impression that I could move my life forward without a plan.  Gregory helped me to learn how to live in my success zone..." 

L. Tuma - College Dean and Doctoral Candidate