Connie Russert, M.S. worked in higher education until one day she experienced a life-altering occurrence and discovered her channeling gift.

After going through a ‘Reluctant Channeler’ and then a ‘Closet Channeler’ stage, she quit her job as a college professor to morph into a top-selling author, international channeler, and retreat facilitator.

Connie has presented programs to universities, businesses, and educational conferences around the globe. 

Since 1985 her Spirit Teachers, Paularyo, have provided Spiritual Tools for creating Clarity, Balance and Peace to thousands on the path of Personal Transformation.

Connie has been selected as one of five prominent channelers to be in the upcoming movie, "Tuning In:  Spirit Channelers in America" which is due to be released in 2010.  In addition, a TV show interviewed over 600 channelers from across the USA to select three for a program during which channelers would help people become more effective in their lives. Connie was selected as one of the three.

You are invited to meet Connie and to allow Paularyo to provide you with deep insight and powerful tools so you can "Allow it to be easy."