Certified Master Practitioner and Trainer in Hypnosis, NLP, and Time Techniques.

Master Life Success Coach

Business SkillsTrainer


Working with and having certified training with world-class leaders such as;


Robbins Research International 

Michael Stevenson- Transform Destiny  

Arvee Robinson International- Speaker Training

Eric Lofholm International     

Matt Brauning- Evolution Seminars

Steve Linder- Synergetic Results International

        Arnoux Goran- Total Health Mastery

Allison Armstrong- Understand Men, Celebrating Woman


Johnnie Marie Urban  is founder and CEO of Wonderful Life Learning Co. where we train business professionals to effectivly communicate, creating team work and understanding so that they can increase productivity and have a happy work environment.  


Her company Wonderful Life Learning Company is dedicated to creating global awareness of understanding and communication that creates harmony and increased productivity and eliminates employee problems.

Known for her intuitive detective work, Johnnie Marie has helped thousands achieve their goals and transform lives. She is a Master Practitioner in the neurolinguistics and hypnotherapy, as well as a Senior Leader with Robbins Research International.

As one client shared, "Johnnie has the uncanny ability to see what is missing in your life, and quickly helps you achieve your goals!"