When the networks want a bold, uncompromising opinion on crime and criminals, they call Criminal Profiler Pat Brown. Since 2002, Brown has been a guest on network news and talk shows over 1200 times, regularly appearing on:


Nancy Grace, The Today Show, The CBS Early Show, FOX Morning with Mike and Juliet, Good Morning America, Issues with Jane Valez-Mitchell, CNN Headline Prime News, Larry King Live, Campbell Brown, Glenn Beck, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, MSNBC Live with Dave Abrams, FOX and Friends, The O’Reilly Factor, Connie Chung Tonight, Catherine Crier Live, Buchanan and Press, Hannity and Colmes, The Edge with Paula Zahn, Judith Regan Tonight,  The Montel Williams Show, The John Walsh Show and America’s Most Wanted




An expert in crime reconstruction and behavioral profiling, Pat Brown has been featured in numerous television shows profiling dozens of famous killers, victims, and crimes from the recently convicted serial killer Dennis Rader aka The BTK Strangler to the mysterious death of Cleopatra over 2000 years ago.



+ Featured profiler for National Geographic’s upcoming MYSTERY FILES: CLEOPATRA – Winter 2010

+ Featured profiler for National Geographic’s upcoming MYSTERY FILES: PROFILING JACK THE RIPPER – Winter 2010

+ Featured profiler for E! Channel’s FATAL BEAUTY: 15 MOST   NOTORIOUS WOMEN – 2009

+ Featured profiler for maximum security prison interview of convicted child killer in Discovery’s  EVIL MINDS -2008

+ Featured profiler for National Geographic’s MURDER IN THE WHITE CITY - 2007

+ Host and profiler for Discovery Channel’s THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF CLEOPATRA - 2004 – 2004

+ Featured Profiler for four seasons of Court TV’s “I,  Detective” series



Pat Brown destroys the myths of Hollywood in Killing for Sport: Inside the Minds of Serial Killers


As the editor and profiler of Stampf’s Interview with a Cannibal, an eerie and fascinating journey into the troubled psyche of Germany’s maneater, Pat Brown helps us understand the true nature of this bizarre human being




Next summer, Hyperion brings you The Profiler and Pat Brown’s unusual journey from homemaker to internationally renowned criminal profiler and media personality. Brown shares her unexpected entry into the world of serial killers and criminal profilers and takes readers along with her on her cases, revealing the real world of profiling and homicide investigation without the spin of the FBI and the politics of law enforcement agencies.