Jodi Santangelo is a dynamic Speaker, Certified Trainer, and Author of "Dynamic Affirmations" who captivates, energizes and inspires audiences with her trademark gutsy, savvy presentations.

Jodi lights up a room with her personality as she delivers her insightful revelations and effective Life and Communication techniques to get Your Life onto the right track...

And it's not just the light bulbs going off all around the room as people "get" her breakthrough messages all at the same time.

She speaks on a wide range of Personal Development topics including Effective Communication and Positive Mindset, all designed to help you achieve the successful Life of Your Dreams - whether you're an individual, entrepreneur or corporate executive.

With 10 years of corporate training experience behind her, and surviving and triumphing through her own personal setbacks, Jodi has transformed her life, and now shares her insights with a wider audience.

Having served as District Governor of Toastmasters International, Jodi is a talented and skilled Speaker who makes learning new ways an uplifting and enjoyable process in her lively interactive workshop presentations.

Jodi's Life Purpose and Passion is to help others transform their that YOU too can live the satisfying Life of Your Dreams with the success and happiness you deserve.

Step into the World of Life Success, Dynamic Jodi Style...