This Nutritional consultant and Naturopath has 30 years in the alternative health industry.  Kat is a Longevity expert who helps people live long lives with great brain health and body function.  As founder of Avenues to Wellness culinary institute and; Kat can make it simple to apply principles that create great health and long life.
Kat has authored three recent books; Your Health in Your Hands living and aging well, Your Health Turned On-turn off disease-diabetes and dieting, Your Health in the Kitchen natural foods to turn on health.
Kat is the CEO and product formulator of Frownies anti-aging skin care line used by celebrities for decades and last but not least mother of five who spent less than $100.00 a year on medical expenses because they just stayed healthy on the lifestyle Kat chose for them.
Kat is changing the definition of health care and telling the world not to use disease as a wake up call. Prevention is much more friendly and appealing than cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis or Alzheimer disease.  Let Kat entertain, inspire and teach you to live a healthy life full of passion and joy.