Roberta Hill considers herself a digital nomad. She loves to tell people that "work is for people who don't know how to play".  For the past six years she has been an Expat Canadian living in Europe enjoying the wine and culture. During that time, she has traveled over 200,000 km to a dozen European countries, falling in love with them each along the way.

Her passion is learning and her talent is communicating. Wherever she may be in the world, Roberta is writing, sharing on social networks, speaking virtually and managing her online personality test business. She is known for her slightly irreverent humor and slant of life.

"Professionally", Roberta works as an executive global coach as well as consults to both public and private sectors on issues surrounding change and transition.  She continues to explore the leading edge of global leadership, virtual teambuilding and assisting expat families. Roberta is an author and is recognized as a dynamic coach, trainer and keynote speaker.